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[OOC] Application Preview
« on: July 12, 2012, 06:44:48 pm »

Application for (YOUR NAME HERE)
  • Topic title format: Application of FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME
  • Your grammar must be precise.
  • Do not copy and paste information from another application, your application will be denied.
  • Be creative, at LS News Network you're required to post articles and entertain the people of Los Santos.
  • Answers must be formatted in bold.
In Character

Section 1: Information
Your name:
Date of Birth:
Previous employment:
Current address:
Phone number:

Section 2: Education
Primary school:
Secondary school:
High School:

Section 3: Questions related to LS News Network
Why do you want to work here? (min. 75 words):
Qualities(min. 2):
Write an article about anything you like(min. 3 paragraphs):
Statement of trust: I, (YOUR NAME) promise to be a reliable worker to the LS News Network, I will do my duties whenever I am requested to do so. By joining, I accept that all my work will be property of LS News Network. I agree to all of the terms and regulations.

Out of Character

Section 4: OOC Information
WoT EU Forum moderator
WoT Beta Tester
WoWP Alpha Tester
SA:MP since 2006
Ex-LS:RP staff

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